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How to eat crab just most is skill the most healthy?
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Eat crab to skill says order with the tool

The science about crab is really much still, have feed the home to say, when eating crab, not be to be bitten readily going down to express this is to eat crab, should know actually how having ability is true “ eats ” crab. And eating crab also is a kind of culture, some places still roll out the tool that has crab, the both hands that when can avoiding to eat crab, appears is fat phenomenon.

The ovary and digestive glands of the crab had better eat crab leg finally

In interviewing, a lot of people state he like to eat crab, won't eat crab however, often chew stretch in disorder, or it is flat ate the ovary and digestive glands of the crab only, throw away crab leg directly. Epicure says, won't have the person of crab, it is flesh of the belt that join case commonly, bite readily go down, chew a few times next, take even case the flesh to spit, eat the crab inside abdomen truly so very finite. Some readers are in suffer in visitting, express, when they eat crab, be to start crab case first, suck feeds crab to cream, next again bend so as to breakstubborn opens crab identity to become both sides, eat to eat across again at the same time, have crab clamp, crab claw finally. Epicure analysis, these people are to be not known eat crab, what cannot experience crab truly is delicate.

As we have learned, crab has a way correctly is, open the lid of the circle on crab body first, if be of the mother, you can see —— of glistening the ovary and digestive glands of the crab in the place of abdomen this is the most delicious thing on crab body. And femoral place is stood by to have a few in crab both sides the white stuff like brush wool, that is inedible. Eat the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, can eat crab meat, crab flesh is the thing like white resembling cruelly oppress.

When eating crab, had better break crab into two half, can expose shining white crab flesh so come out. Present a few hotels are in cooking crab when, also break crab into directly two half, make the ovary and digestive glands of the crab and crab flesh direct and bare be before the person that feed. Crab leg is to leave final ability to eat commonly, because have crab leg,this is very between take time, and the Roubuduo in the leg, of course, when eating crab, should have the leg as far as possible, because the flesh in the leg is delicious,this is not only, still can avoid to create waste.

Reduce trouble eating crab to feed crab dinner service 8 big

Eat crab to pay attention to to nibble slow pharynx. “ should get the meat in crab leg, can use the clip that takes crab technically to use to break the incrustation clip of the leg, also can use toothpick or broach comes out crab flesh lane. ” epicure introduces. Actually, be in early Ming Dynasty, eat crab to roll out a tool technically still. According to introducing, times of bright Qing Dynasty, bookman refined scholar tastes crab to be culture to enjoy, when admiring chrysanthemum to recite poems eat crab, everybody all stock a special tool, suhu Hangzhou common calls “ crab 6 ” . Basis concerned data is knowable, bright generation invents the person of the tableware that eat crab at first, be called water transport book, reduce a trouble to eat crab, eat expediently carefree, he created hammer, knife, clamp the incrustation that 3 tools will come to cope with crab, develop 8 gradually later.
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