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How to eat crab just most is skill the most healthy?
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Eat crab to divide “ article to eat ” and “ fierce to eat ” again. It is pleased that fierce of so called “ eats what ” eats, “ article eats what ” eats is a tool. Feed a guideline according to Ming Daimei " one's deceased father eat " account, the tool eating crab that Ming Daichu achieves has hammer, Dui, clamp, shovel, spoon, fork, blow, needle 8 kinds, namely fork of axe of lumbar round hammer, small square table, forceps, long handle, spoon, long handle, blow piece, needle, this is the “ crab that common weighs 8 ” . Come from bright generation later at the beginning of the Republic of China year, on this foundation, develop crab again 3 (vessel, prod, hammer) , 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, development fills a period is maximum tool eating crab to amount to 64 unexpectedly to the vessel after.

The professional tool that eat crab is made with copper commonly, exquisite is made with silver. Because from firm toughness for, although gold is precious but hardness not as good as silver-colored, and copper pollutes food very easily again, say normally so, excellent “ crab 8 ” also should be white silver. Its craft is very exquisite, blow an appearance to resemble a sword a bit, spoon provides the water jar in resembling article house a bit. Filling what crab flesh uses is the rank of nobility of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. These feed crab tool, deserve to have circle or lotus leaf figure again dish, dish next those who vulture becomes dragon state 3 sufficient.

The tool is known even use. As we have learned, use crab 8 when, waited for crab evaporate to thoroughly cook the desk on end to come, person eating crab puts crab before oneself, one by one of scissors of the head that use a circle cuts below 2 big chela and 8 crab foot, lumbar round hammer to crab carapace all around beat circuit gently, carry housing and navel on the back with growing handle axe to cleavage again, drill rod, tweezers, forked, hammer into shape is taken later, or get rid of or clip or fork or knock, take out the crab with golden and sleek the ovary and digestive glands of the crab or milky white sticky mucus to cream, take out snow-white and fresh and tender crab flesh, fine fine savour.

Crab eats undeservedly

The likelihood damages health

Crab, the flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, rich protein content wants tower above than * flesh, cruelly oppress severalfold, the content of A of calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin is higher also. When interviewing, a lot of citizens are mirrorred to the reporter, say oneself are sampling crab when, the unwell phenomenon such as occurrence allergy, individual person is met even vomiting, have loose bowels. Nutrient expert says, crab eats undeservedly, may damage health.

Eat dead crab the meeting is toxic

The crab with good quality wants 89 yuan only possibly, after some citizens buy crab to come back, boil without seasonable boil, set period of time however. The “ that passes this paragraph of time suffers ” , crab may be close to dying, such crab cannot eat. According to introducing, when crab dying or exanimate moment, the group oxygen acid inside crab body can decompose generation histamine. Histamine is a kind of toxic substance, as the extension of dead time, the histamine with crab tired bulk is increasing, mephitis is bigger and bigger, although crab was thoroughlied cook, this kind of toxin is destroyed not easily also. Accordingly, must not eat dead crab.
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