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How to eat crab just most is skill the most healthy?
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20 minutes are boiled again after water leaves

Crab grows in Jiang He mostly laky in, like to feed a few little live thing, aquatic and cankered animal again, accordingly, the body watch of crab, branchial ministry and gastric bowel path all were stained with bacterium, virus to wait cause disease microbial. A data makes clear, it is very tall that the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of bursa of lung fluke larva inside vivid crab body affects rate and infection to spend, lung fluke parasitism is in lung, stimulate or destroy lobar tissue, can cause cough, spit blood even, if invade cerebral ministry, can cause break down. Make an on-the-spot investigation according to the expert, after heating crab a bit, eat, rate of lung fluke infection is 20%% , eat bloat crab and drunk crab, rate of lung fluke infection is as high as 55%% , and eat crab raw, rate of lung fluke infection is as high as 71%% . The resistance of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of lung fluke bursa is very strong, want the bubble in the water in 55 ℃ 30 minutes commonly or ability bloats 48 hours to kill in the brine in 20%% . Eat crab raw, still may be affected by vibrio of deputy hemolysis sex, vibrio of deputy hemolysis sex invades a person in great quantities sex of experience happening infection is toxic, show the symptom such as alvine path agnail, oedema and hyperaemia.

Accordingly, eat raw, bloat eat or drunk eat crab, possible meeting affects lung fluke. The expert reminds, even if when boiling crab, after boiling water to leave, had better boil nearly 20 minutes again even, thoroughly cook the bacteria that boils the likelihood that show ability to get on crab flesh to kill.

Avoid of partial ill patient eats crab

Crab flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, nutrition is very rich also, protein content wants tower above than * flesh, cruelly oppress severalfold, the content of A of riboflavin, calcic, phosphor, iron and vitamin is higher also. Nevertheless, delicious crab is not everybody all appropriate, the person that has certain disease should be fed abstinence or less.

Nutrient expert says, hepatitis patient secretes wrong, digestive function to drop as a result of oedema of gastric mucous membrane, bile, and crab flesh contains rich protein, stodgy absorb, often easy cause indigestion and abdominal distension, vomiting, accordingly, hepatitis patient is unfavorable eat crab. The expert says, cardiovascular patient also avoid eats crab, because crab contains cholesterol taller, edible contains the food with exorbitant cholesterol, can bring about cholesterol heighten, impose sick patient's condition of heavy heart and vessels, and cold of catch a cold, calorific person shoulds not be eat crab, every taste empty is cold person should not eat or eat crab less. In addition, the person that has allergic constitution answers avoid eats crab; The is like cholecystitis, gall-stone disease person that has bravery path disease is unfavorable eat crab; Pregnant woman should eat less or do not eat crab, and old people is unfavorable also eat crab more.
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