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How to eat crab just most is skill the most healthy?
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Crab avoid and partial food are mixed eat

In banquet, whether crab often regards one desk as dish grand indicative. Crab is the delicate cate that a lot of people love to eat, but if crab is mixed with a few food eat to also may cause undesirable reaction.

Nutrient expert says, tannic acid is contained in persimmon, crab flesh contains a lot ofalbumen, both encountering, but caky for tannic acid albumen, stodgy, food stops easily to ferment inside bowel, persimmon eats after eating crab, can cause the symptom such as vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea. Fontal city person likes to take tea, tea of on bubble one crock wants after anteprandial meal. Nutrient expert says, boiled water also has repellent effect to crab, boiled water can make the certain part of crab flesh caky, go against digest absorb, accordingly, when eating crab, mix boiled water of water of the one inside the hour avoid after eating crab. In addition, pleasant of earthnut sex flavour is smooth, adipose content amounts to 45%% , fat other people encounters Lengli's content to send diarrhoea easily, accordingly, crab is unfavorable feed together with earthnut, weak of empty of intestines and stomach should notice more, avoid crab and earthnut to mix eat, cold drink also had better not be drunk immediately when eating crab.

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