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Crab nutrition value is analysed
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Crab sort can amount to more than kinds 500. Our country people has crab to have ages ago history, can arrive with trace when Zhou Tianzi acting. Till today, fall season, hold crab to fight wine, admiring chrysanthemum to recite poems still is people is enjoyed greatly. Visible crab is flavour of accepted the precious in feeding, have " a dish of crab, top desk dish " civilian adage. It not only flavour strange beauty, and nutrition is rich, it is the cordial of a kind of high protein, have profit very much to nourishing body.  


Crab contains the nutrition such as rich protein, microelement, have very good nourishing effect to the body. Consider to discover in recent years, crab still has fight n/med tuberculosis action, eat crab to have greatly to the rehabilitation of tuberculosis benefit. Think commonly, crab of fresh water of medical in order to had better, briny crab can offer edible only. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks crab has clear hot detoxify, filling bone to add section of limb of sth resembling a net of the pith, invigorate the circulation of blood that raise muscle, stimulate the menstrual flow, benefit, add to be hurt absolutely, the grow liver shade, effect that fills gastric juice. The disease such as arthritis of wet to zephyr of ache of leg of gore, injury, icteric, waist sex has certain dietotherapy effect.

Applicable crowd
General average per capita but edible.

Applicable quantity

Every time 80 grams left and right sides.

Special clew

Crab sex Xian Han, it is saprophagous animal, juice of ginger end vinegar dips in to come surely when eating so dispel is cold antiseptic, unfavorable sheet is fed. The branchial, sanded bag of crab, splanchnic contain a large number of bacteria and toxin, when eating must take out. Cannot edible dead crab. Because a large number of bacteria and the harmful material that decompose generation are contained inside dead crab body, can cause irritability bromatoxism. Drunk crab or bloat the not squashy crab such as crab is unfavorable edible, should evaporate is ripe boil after appearing, eat again. Had deposited long ripe crab unfavorable also edible. Crab flesh sex is cold, unfavorable feed more, taste empty is cold person answer especially bring to sb's attention. Unfavorable feed together with boiled water, when eating crab, mix boiled water of water of the 1 inside the hour avoid after eating crab. Crab fertilizer is the season with ripe persimmon, ought to notice avoid crab and persimmon are mixed eat. Certain patient is unfavorable edible; Have the patient of catch a cold, calorific gastralgia and diarrhoea, activity of enteron inflammation or cankerous cholecystitis, gall-stone disease, hepatitis period the person is unfavorable eat crab; The person that has fat of coronary heart disease, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, tall blood should eat less or do not eat the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, crab flesh is unfavorable also eat more: The person of constitutional allergy is unfavorable eat crab. Crab flesh is cold cool, have the meritorious service of silt of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood, reason is adverse to pregnant woman, especially crab claw, have apparent abort effect.
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