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Health of the desk on the crab feeds crab whole strategy
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West wind rises, crab foot is urticant, as it happens eats the ovary and digestive glands of the crab fall. Have the optimal season of the crab just about now. But eating crab is to have cultured, from choose, the true bogus of stand or fall that discriminates a crab, boil the various practice that scamper fries to evaporate, spirit takes fine tasted all kinds of skill has certain knowledge. And health eats crab, need to notice a lot of contraindication of edible crab especially, ability prevents " get ill by the mouth " .

What nutrition value does the crab have? What person is unfavorable eat? How should healthy crowd install total eclipse crab again? The nutrient expert of 863 nets makes health one by one solve.

The nutrient value of the crab

According to expert introduction, crab nutrition is rich, contain a lot ofA of protein, amino acid, calcic, iron, Selenium, zinc, Potassium, vitamin, B a group of things with common features the vitamin, conduce to stimulative human body organizing cellular rehabilitate and synthesis, improve immune function.

Additional, " encyclopedia of Chinese officinal animal " and ancient codes and records of a few traditional Chinese medical sciences, expatiatory still crab has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, medicinal powder the ties goes Yu, acetanilide Qing Dynasty is accumulated, manage classics scanty arteries and veins, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is be good at stomach, strong personally the effect such as be good at bone, call its the disease such as arthritis of wet to zephyr of ache of leg of gore, injury, icteric, waist sex have certain dietotherapy the effect. Crab flesh still can treat children accumulating of infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites, mastitis, puerpera lactescence is little wait for a disease, its carapace can treat postpartum uterus systole, injuries from falls,

What person is unfavorable eat crab

The crab although nutrition is tall, but belong to Gao Min food, namely the person often says " hair content " , be not everybody so all appropriate, the person that has certain disease or body to lose should be fed abstinence or less.

1, hepatitis patient. Hepatitis patient secretes wrong, digestive function to drop as a result of oedema of gastric mucous membrane, bile, stodgy the rich protein in absorbing crab flesh, eat crab easy cause indigestion and abdominal distension, vomiting.

2, the person that has disease of blood-vessel of head of bravery path disease and tall blood fat, hypertensive, heart. Every 100 grams contain cholesterol in crab flesh 235 milligram, cholesterol is contained in the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of every 100 grams 460 milligram, cholesterol is higher, make the progress that causes afore-mentioned patient illnesses easily.

3, taste empty is cold person. Crab sex is cold, the inside easy accentuation body algidity after eating, cause or the disease such as aggravating bellyacke, diarrhoea or indigestion.
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