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Vicugna lake crab introduces
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Crab of      vicugna lake originates in Jiangsu to save the vicugna lake of ministry of northwest of old change city. Vicugna lake is the cornucopia that Suqian gives birth to Jin Changyin, gross area 375 square kilometer, it is Jiangsu saves one of lakes of 4 big fresh water. Vicugna lake water comes from Yi Mengshan and natural rainwater more, edge lake does not have industrial pollution, all the year round water system is clear and transparent, lake water is OK and direct drinkable, it is countrywide amount to not much 2 level water quality is laky. Lake water verdure is clear, stretch to the horizon, the flue gas on the lake is dense, water scene happy person.
     vicugna lake teems with a few kinds of aquatic product such as crab, freshwater shrimp, whitebait.
Crab of      vicugna lake, individual and huge, male person fat Bai Ruyu, female person fat Huang Shijin, it is a kind of god-given gust cate.

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