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Crab of white horse lake introduces
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Crab of lake of      white horse originates in Jiangsu to save the white Ma Hu golden lake county. Install be located in the Huaihe River, Yangzhou the white Ma Hu of two city have a common boundary, there are 99 islandses in the lake, have many mus of 30 thousand water, water area water of extensive, lake is clear, move for north of the water austral our country east line fountainhead groove guard, it is national level produces base without produce of social effects of pollution, the special type aquatic product such as the clear water crab that teem with, soft-shelled turtle, langouste, freshwater shrimp, tortoise, sell well with the zoology breed aquatics, advantage of green food global, especially crab of white horse lake is long negative great reputation.
Because zoology breeds and crab of lake of      white horse creams thick fat fertilizer, flavour is delicious, long negative great reputation, sell as far as to all directions. Have in the market certain and famous degree.

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