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Bao Yinghu crab introduces
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Crab of      Bao Yinghu originates in Jiangsu treasure to answer, Jin Hu the Bao Yinghu of two counties churchyard. Bao Yinghu water quality is good, modes of life and relation to their environment is superior, teem with a variety of wild vivid plants such as Hao of all sorts of aquatic product and mallard, Ju, among them avian amount to 147 kinds, the precious such as red -crowned crane, white swan is rare avian often perch hereat.
     in recent years, local government is carried out " comprehensive program, active protection, science management, sustainable use " guiding principle, delimit nature groove guard, make executive development program and relevant administration provision, zoology environment is improved further, emerald green light green of treasure Ying Hucang, water quality is clear, air is fresh, species is rich, exuberant. Fishermans separate lake side trimly into in shallow water area little criterion 100 mus, many hundreds mus diamonds, undertake the aquatic product such as the crab breeds.
     originates in Bao Yinghu's crab, claw of green carapace, white abdomen, gold, Huang Mao, cream abundant of fat, bing4 ru4 gao1huang1, big, delicious, already obtained without brand of social effects of pollution, with Yang Cheng lake crab is rivalled, sell as far as to and other places of Guangdong, Hong Kong, already registered for national brand.

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