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The countermeasure of prevention and cure of disease of emulsification of swimmi
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     comes on the muscle with sufficient condition of earlier disease crab is shown ivory, break off the condition is sufficient pour out of white mucous, come on later period muscle is all melt into is mucous, if milk is general, because this is bred again door call " milk is ill " . This are ill by microbial cause, it is very not clear that the account that produce is returned at present, basically come on season is in 9 ~ November.

Method of      prevention and cure

     ① increases the amount that change water, improve pond water quality, control seawater salinity is inside appropriate limits.
     ② discovers sick crab to answer seasonable fish out, infect in case.
When      ③ comes on, can entice in every kilograms terramycin is added in makings 0.5 ~ 1.0g, feed 7d repeatedly.
Pool of      ④ crab uses bleaching powder or 2 oxidation are chloric disinfection of total pool douse.


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