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The countermeasure of prevention and cure of swimming crab verminosis
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     parasitism has a lot of kinds in the helminth on swimming crab, but what discover at present and affect its to grow is main have:  of pay of ⑻ of  of what of  of ④ of Jin of mould of Chang of the ⒕ that put  takes P to put Juan of  of stern of  Cao Shen to be afraid of  fear attentively of  of accept of  Zheng  returns  of shaming street of  of accept of Jie of mould of Chang of Mu Gongjun > plinth of ankle of young of gourd ladle of those of rare  Suo:  of atmosphere of cook over a slow fire of postscript of rare  of  of a surname of  of κ Qiang accept: Cake   shows ⌒ of Hong of reed of an ancient drinking vessel of fatigue of ⑺ of shipboard of Shao of Fei of faint pain or numbness caused by cold to return flinch    blames be buried alive with the dead of copy of Pu of the Huaihe River of   Jin to predict ⒂  melt two of noise of sieve of  of Zhu of slash  barren

Method of      prevention and cure

Pond of      ① complete Qing Dynasty, change water regularly, exterminate the helminth inside the pond, often check in breeding a process, scoop up the crab that divide disease in time.
     ② is reasonable adjust salinity, maintain water quality cleanness.
     ③ is cast feed makings of high grade bait, make crab normal exuviate carapace.
     ④ can immerse with solution of 100g/ stere formalin ill crab.
     ⑤ uses bluestone and vitriolic and ferrous mixture (5:2) total pool is dialed asperse, change water next.


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