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Because the hair cause of disease in swimming crab breed aquatics is analysed
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Condition of     1, zoology is poor

Because water level is low,     part breeds a pond, water lukewarm change is big, easy cause swimming crab go to the bad or die. The pond is lacked concealment necessarily content. Make crab exuviate process medium easy get congener or enemy kill biology assault, cause crab to die or crab body damage catchs a bug. Water quality is poor, muddy, it is especially during exuviate carapace, crab oxygen demand is big, if change water not seasonable, make easily suffocate suffocate of crab exuviate carapace, anoxic and dead.

    2, breed a bottom to pledge the environment worsens

What pledge by      breed aquatics is exasperate, it is one of main reasons that swimming crab disease produces. Pond of the Qing Dynasty before putting crab not complete or increase as what breed a particular year, humus year after year is accumulated, exceeded the self-purification capacity of the pond. Swimming crab lives for a long time in harsh environment, make ability of difference of body qualitative change, disease-resistant abate, the ability that acclimatization condition changes becomes poor, and easy occurrence disease, cause death.

    3, crab is planted quality is bad

     puts in a suitable place to breed crab is planted bad or bacterium of in spite of illness, it is one of reasons that come on. Swimming crab disposition is fierce and cruel and additionally bellicose, in same poll, if breed crab norms differ, the crab that often makes norms small by big crab carnage. And the crab with not complete limbs affects cause of disease extremely easily to cause a disease to travel, cause large-scale death.

    4, breed density too big

     has some of production unit to go after high density blindly to put in a suitable place to breed also is one of main reasons that cause swimming crab death, this is in breed later period performance is more outstanding. As the growth of swimming crab, bait expects biology decreases increasingly, and breed a space to become crowded, this brings about crab body to grow not only slow or the constitution drops, and the chance that increased a disease to infect, make the possibility of sicken and death increases.

Of     5, harmful material enter

The toxic liquid waste, farm is medium all round area of      breed aquatics pesticide in the factory and sewage flow into breed water system, all can cause large quantities of death of swimming crab. In addition, drug is used when medicaments clear pool undeserved or excessive causes medicaments to remain with medicine, swimming crab uses medical misgivings in the process that the disease prevents and cure, also can cause toxic death.

Alga of     6, filiform

The management in pool of      breed aquatics is bad, make clump shape alga many and progenitive, swimming crab body is enclothed by its, the action is sluggish, breath is difficult, on body mucous secrete grow in quantity, can cause swimming crab to exuviate carapace or exuviate carapace fail and do not die.
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