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The countermeasure of prevention and cure of disease of ulcer of swimming crab c
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     this disease basically causes by a few bacteria that can decompose chitin. Come on abdomen of inchoate disease crab appears a few Brown stain, stain center ministry is a bit sunken below, show small rufous. Arrive terminal, cankerous stain expands, mutual coupling forms big spot, central part has deeper ulcer, the brim turns into black. This disease won't cause death commonly, but bacterium of other of infection of Ke Jifa sex or fungus, cause ill crab death.

Method of      prevention and cure

     ① avoids mechanical sex loss in raising management, discover ill crab keeps clear of in time.
Stere of bleaching powder 1-2g/ is used when      ② comes on total pool douse, lie between 1 ~ 2d to be spilled 1 times again.
     ③ is casting fed bait at the same time the antibacterial such as terramycin is added in makings.


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