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Curium along green crab vibrio disease prevents and cure technology
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Cause of disease of      this disease already discovered a lot of change bacterium of negative of orchid family name, among them know exactly about sth is planted vibrio, include to be able to make the deputy hemolysis vibrio of human bromatoxism. Ill crab body is emaciated, into narcosis, often large quantities of death. The blood that just took out from inside ill crab is lymphatic, with times taller microscope can see a bacterium normally. In the organization, especially in branchial organization, have the opaque white conglomeration that hematic cell and bacterium gather and becomes, there is large hematic clot inside the ill crab body that be close to dead or just died.

Method of      prevention and cure

     this disease should be given priority to with precaution. Caution wants when arrest crab, avoid attrition to get hurt, prevent a bacterium to invade body inside. Raise the equipment of crab to answer often rinse disinfection, keep clean, raise crab to time with water disinfection is handled, when coming on, at the same time to be taken orally adds Xin Nuoming of medicine made of two or more ingredients or hydrochloric acid Terramycin the medicine of 0.1 % entices, feed 7 ~ 14 days repeatedly.


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