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Curium along green crab tea carries on his shoulder or back () kill technology o
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     tea carries on his shoulder or back () belong to tendril having a power sufficient kind of animal, head side is flat, sessile one aspect of the matter calls a kiss end, contrary one aspect of the matter calls a peak end, both sides is comprised by 5 housing board. The most topmost one symmetrical backboard; The unripe basilar that kiss end one symmetrical 楯 board; The peak carries housing board to include or so two side together, even if backbone is just as mountain peak together,have on the line among them, friend says peak board. There is soft film to be linked together between housing board each, piece the mouth that there is jacket between 楯 board. Substance outward appearance is like white orchid bud.

     tea carries on his shoulder or back () often adhere to curiuming go up along the branchial ministry of green crab or buccal limb. If pool water salinity is taller, long not the crab of exuviate carapace, its are branchial often adhere to a lot of tea carry on its shoulder or back () , the influence curiums the normal breath along green crab, serious person because choke,can die.

Method of      prevention and cure

     reduces pool water salinity, or increase the amount that change water, cast sufficient bait makings to make exuviate case. Curium along the meeting when carapace of green crab exuviate Jiangming carries on his shoulder or back () an exuviate is dropped. A few curiuming that along blueness crab is carried on his shoulder or back by tea () etc adherent, bath of the dip in the formalin solution that also can put its in 0.1 % is exterminated.


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