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Curium disease of awn of predestined relationship green the ovary and digestive
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    1. Huang Mang is ill

    curiums along green crab pace sufficient coxal muscle shows powdery yellow. This disease is considered as institute of bare current organisms to bring about.

Method of      prevention and cure
     prevents pool water pollution and bare tidewater to enter crab pool. When the illness is lighter, can use the medicaments bait material that contains hydrochloric acid Terramycin to cast feed cure.

    2. Gong Mang is ill

Curium along green crab pace sufficient coxal muscle shows red, make a condition sufficient pour out of gules mucus. The female crab with this ill ovarian many now more mature development (beautiful crab and cream crab) . It is ovarian organization decay actually, not dead first smelly.

     because inside bay seawater salinity lifts suddenly, permeate pressure wait for physiology function to cannot suit cause.

Method of      prevention and cure
     precautionary measures should be salinity of control pool water is in appropriate limits, notice the relative stability of salinity. Once discover ill crab, answer to be raised apart. If can be adopted,add note the method such as fresh water, adjust in time Chi Shui's salinity, its illness is attainable of certain level alleviate.


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