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Curium along vibrio of phase of green crab grow seedlings disease prevents and c
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The vibrio that      vibrio disease is bacterial sex causes the young come on. Much discovery is curiuming the 溞 shape the young along green crab, big the young, young crab also has appear, it is the sex appeal of a kind of whole body that invade blood by vibrio and causes is caught. The capacity of the young activity that has this disease is apparently abate, the many medium, lower level in water of grow seedlings pool is slow move about, phototaxis slacken. The young photographs appetite to decrease or do not photograph feed, the food in the stomach is little, development is decelerated, style quality is whiten. Be in times taller below microscope, can see the young that contracts this disease, there is the bacterium of much meeting activity inside hematic antrum.

Method of      prevention and cure

Because the environment is unwell,     this disease is more, especially hidebound, substitute artificially bait makings dosage is much, water quality not beautiful place is caused. Accordingly, precautionary measure should be control relatively the ambient conditions of beautiful, notice the disinfection of pond, tool. Hydrochloric acid Terramycin can be used when producing a disease 2 grams / douse of total pool of stere water system, have curative effect, use several days continuously, till pathology disappears till; Also but curium along green crab Miao Fang enters 10 milligram / rise pH indicator vibrio to mix vaccine (free vibrio, dissolve alga vibrio and element of candy of traumatic vibrio few are vaccinal) in nylon bag (the solution that attenuant vaccine uses is the sea weak than 1:1) , fill oxygen to immerse action 30 minutes, put pond breed aquatics.


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