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Curium along green crab branchial bug disease prevents and cure technology
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     branchial bug, to wait sufficient kind of animal, normally parasitism is in crab kind inside branchial antrum. Difference of bodily form of male and female is bigger, female is bigger, asymmetry, often have many egg, make egg bag expand. Male body is tiny, symmetrical, in often sticking the egg bag that is added in female body n. Once branchial bug is adsorptive at host body not very activity, parasitism is in the branchial antrum of crab person, can make the head cuirass of crab apparent expand apophysis, resembled giving birth to tumor general. Its harm basically has: Use up the nutrition of host ceaselessly, made growth is slow, angular; Oppress and injure branchial organization, the influence breathes; Affect sexual gland growth, completely atrophic even, lose progenitive ability.

Method of      prevention and cure

This      disease basically happens in crab to plant period, incidence of a disease is less, at present the method of only is plant in crab ill crab of the eliminate when putting in a suitable place to breed, without method of other remedy prevention and cure.

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