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Curium along scabbard of green crab sea insect pest prevents and cure technology
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     sea scabbard is animal of end all alone, appearance very resemble a kettle. Crock mouth place is conduit aperture, crock mouth place is a conduit aperture, the body is by crock base ministry, add be born on other object, originallying to live all right. Body surface has one the layer is coarse and solid by bursa, make the body gets protective and safeguard proper form. Entering the lower part of conduit aperture, have velum of a cribriform, its action is filter goes bulky food, only concessional current and tiny food enter pharynx ministry. Pharynx ministry wall has cilium; Back wall (give conduit to be located in a back square) have construction of one channel shape each again with celiac wall, cent another namer is mixed for backboard inside column, can secrete mucus adhesion food. Food is stuck into small-scale hind the flow that promotes along with cilium namely, in entering stomach and bowel. The food after digesting is residual, outside discharging body via giving conduit opening.
     sea scabbard often adheres to curiuming the side along green crab abdomen base ministry.

Method of      prevention and cure

A sea scabbard eliminate answers when      is choosing a seedling to plant; Reduce salinity appropriately, change water frequently, maintain water quality cleanness.


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