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Curium along spot of green the ovary and digestive glands of the crab disease pr
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     is curiuming chela of predestined relationship green crab is sufficient base maize stain appears on ministry and back armour, or in chela sufficient base partial secrete gives mucus of a kind of yellow, the mobile capacity with full chela drops, lose then activity and photograph feed ability, die namely before long. Sliver carapace is checked, in its branchial ministry resembles the Brown eyewinker of the size like chili seed it is thus clear that. Come on time is mixed in water lukewarm on the high side more the season with more rain.


Because cast,     may be feed degenerative bait makings, salinity of the water that reach a pool falls to 5 ‰ the following be caused by.

Method of      prevention and cure

The measure that      prevents is to cast the makings that feed bait to want fresh, makings of bait of the much style that send work is like blue clam to wait, strengthen the management with pool water salinity, warm water. Discover ill crab to answer segregation of seasonable fish out is raised, spread in case, change fresh seawater more.


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