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Curium along green crab Bai Mang disease prevents and cure technology
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Muscle of sufficient coxal of pace of      ill crab is shown ivory (blue of healthy Zhe Chengwei) , break off the condition is sufficient the mucus that can pour out of white. This disease appears in thin crab (the female crab that new acquaintance matchs) , because briny salinity is abrupt,be become low and cause curium the incommensurate disease along green crab.

Method of      prevention and cure

     increases the amount that change water, improve pond water quality, maintain briny salinity to be in appropriate limits and relative stability, it is the basic method that prevents this disease to happen. When coming on, the Terramycin of use hydrochloric acid medicaments bait that makes expects (every 1 kilogram cooperates bait drug is added in makings 1 gram of 0.5 ~ ) cast hello, have certain effect.

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