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Curium along blueness crab drafts technology of prevention and cure of disease o
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Cause of disease of      this disease drafts A head bug for crab dwell. Beggar of bug Ti Chengkui, front needle, back end blunt circle. Bug body volume is 46.9 micron × on average 14 micron, the widest after 1/3 is in. Bug body volume and nutrition have affinity. Provide 11 ~ all over 12 cilium line, majority shows helix to be arranged all right slightly, provide the cilium that agrees equably. There is a longer cercus in the middle of body back end. The back end inside body stands by cercus base the ministry has an adjustable bubble. Body front n has 1 with bodily form the afterbirth mouth of summary likeness. Specimen of egg silver colored can see there are 3 little films inside the mouth, buccal right has film of a buccal side. Big nucleus is elliptic, be located in body mid. Small nucleus is globose, be located in big nucleus wrong lower part, or built-in inside big nucleus. Progenitive method is binary fission and joint reproduction.

     drafts A head bug very strong to comfortable stress of the environment. But not high temperature resistant, the water lukewarm limits of the life is 0 ~ 25 ℃ , grow 10 ℃ control Wen Wei of progenitive the most comfortable water; Grow progenitive salinity limits is 6 ‰ ~ 50 ‰ , PH is 5 ~ 11.

     drafts A head bug is at first invade crab body from cut inside, arrive after blood is lymphatic, breed quickly in great quantities, circulate lymphaticly as blood, arrive at the body each organ organization. In the disease terminal, blood is lymphatic in filled many bug form, make blood lymphatic show cloudy weak white, lose caky sex, hematic cell is gobbled up by bug body almost. After bug body enters branchial or other organ to organize, because bug body amid keeps getting,move, make branchial etc organization gets serious damage, cause finally curium the breath along green crab is difficult. Die even.

     is earlier to infection curium predestined relationship green crab, basically blow the organization that takes fester to find bug body to diagnose below microscope from cut. In infection in later period, bug body already got blood lymphatic, breed in great quantities, cover the whole body inside each organic organizations. Observation falls in microscope, can see bug of many head drafting A in blood lymphatic etc organizes middle reaches to move.

     precautionary measures is, curium along blueness crab uses fresh water or formaldehyde solution 300 milliliter / litre immerse 3 ~ 5 minutes, take strict precautions against curium along blueness crab gets hurt, cast the bait that feed delicacy and handle via disinfection, answer to filter strictly with water, discover ill crab instantly fish out, prevent bug system from the transgression inside dead crab, enlarge pollution.

     treats a method

     is in sicken is earlier, namely bug body still can be cured when low point of consist in cut only; Already entered blood when bug body lymphatic in when a large number of breed, do not have effective treatment method. Immerse with fresh water 3 ~ 5 minutes; Douse of formaldehyde total pool, make chroma of solution of the formaldehyde in Chishui is 25 milliliter / litre, water is changed after 12 hours.
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