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The catching technology of natural crab
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One, catch since river crab
"Qiu Tongqi, crab foot is urticant " , at this moment river crab will begin to climb Xiang Hai area from fresh water, make annual reproduction migrate, it is the optimal period of natural catching river crab right now, south, northward catching time concerns because of weather, differ roughly left and right sides of a month, northern region is 9 ~ October, southern region 10 ~ November.
Breed the catching time of river crab artificially, inspect breed administrative state of affairs and decide. The seedling that use crab breeds crab directly, want to pass two Qiu Ling, namely from the beginning 4 ~ of a year will put in a suitable place to breed May, the 9 ~ that arrive the 2nd year will catch November, to improve piscatorial beneficial result, lengthen as far as possible by market rule will catch to Spring Festival around December appear on the market. Grow with 1 age crab of breed, but at in those days 9 ~ will rise November catch, till Spring Festival around.
2, crab means
1, crab of crab bamboo weir
Crab bamboo weir is the foil of block type railing with a kind of simple structure that makes up with bamboo kind crab tool. Its structure is to use fine bamboo lever or thick bulrush to make up Cheng Bo child, in the advantageous a sector of an area of branch of a river of the river harbor that has flow, lake, set bamboo weir by a type pile that plans beforehand. The lower end of bamboo weir inserts benthic, end exceeds surface on, whole bamboo weir is shown bend regularly, in bamboo weir go up end is a few more pensile the crab basket that submits bosomy form, of the import that the bottom of basket has a river crab and funnel form need, upside has a lid, the concentration that river crab is among is in. When river crab leaves ingoing of great capacity through aqueduct, with respect to the intercept of place of crab bamboo weir of surface be been in by the horizontal stroke, climb on bamboo weir of the edge after suffocate suffocate or get crab basket, when catching, with scoop up the sea to get on bamboo weir or the crab inside crab basket is caught rise.
2, crab dragnet crab
Crab dragnet is the dragnet fishing gear that does not have alar single bag, the string bag that loses by rectangular netting waist and net of a shallow bursa are formed. Crab dragnet is driven by single ship, in a side of the boat, at from beginning to end each extend a bamboo that maintain a network, department ligature 8 ~ 12 Qiu net. Operation area should choose the race water in deep water water transport, when putting a network, dial first procrastinate fall sail, delimit water transport is in Xiang Jiang, make boat horizontal stroke suffers to starboard stream, put the network into water, direct current drag goes. At this moment river crab grabs a net by net mouth namely inside, after taking a network, net of edge of one part river crab carries forward crawl on the back, receive block place block, fold and enter side net inside. Another part stays inside string bag, every other 1 hour, hauling 1, transfer it to be in, can mix from string bag at the same time river crab of the teem inside net bursa.
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