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When does crab of pond breed aquatics catch the most appropriate?
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Downstream in the Yangtse River, the pond raises crab to should be in the first ten days of a month or the middle ten days of a month will begin to catch in October, catch basically to the end of October. If catch premature, one part river crab has not finish reproductive exuviate carapace to turn into green crab, its produce latent capacity to come out without sufficient play. And had caught late, stem from climate to turn cool, river crab migrates because of reproduction, jump over a wall easily to escape, river crab taking a poll also live through the winter of live in caves, catch not easily.

Downstream in the Yangtse River, arrive the latest the river crab of this area already will complete the last ten-day of a month entirely in September reproductive exuviate carapace turns into green crab, go up to October, carapace of crab of the middle ten days of a month already hardened, when catching get hurt not easily, try after medium in October, the last ten-day of a month, river crab begins reproduction to migrate, majority river crab all leaves burrow, in water the activity is frequent, catch easily, especially nightly catch more easily, it is the most comfortable season that river crab catchs.

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