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How to catch in the pond crab?
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The river crab in the pool that raise crab can adopt the following method to catch:

(Find a place for in 1) pond   of artificial crab acupuncture point
This law needs every other only 4 ~ mention artificial crab acupuncture point quickly 6 hours, after teem becomes crab, replace is in formerly can. What catch the river crab that go out to won't get hurt. This law basically is in the area is used in lesser crab pool.

(Find a place for in 2) pond   of crab bamboo weir
Crab bamboo weir is the Zhu Bo that makes up with bamboo kind catching tool (in recent years many areas also use polyethylene network piece composition, catching principle is same) . It is commonly in the pond only intercept 1 / 2, pour crab basket 2 times everyday. This law basically is in the area is used in bigger crab pool.

(Appearance of 3) crab a square-shaped fishing net with pole as supports and the big likeness that pull a square-shaped fishing net with pole as supports, but norms is very small
Use 4 ~ commonly the polyethylene net of 5 centimeters of mesh piece tailor grows 50 ~ into the edge 60 centimeters square, the bamboo that uses 2 crossed fold quadrilateral piece, every bend arch, two end and net piece diagonal two part are joined, plunge into with drawstring in crossed across place close, leave a paragraph of string, extreme is installed on annular bobber, float at surface. When exercise, in buckle among string bag on flesh of small cruelly oppress, snail serves as bait, lure crab to be taken into the net feed. When crab, sink the net into benthic, every other comes half hours L hour, with the bamboo pole that bear a check mark will annular bobber mentions quickly, can catch. This law basically is used at piscine crab to mix raise a pool.

(  of catching law of 4) running water
10 ~ in November, begin reproduction to migrate into crab, major river crab is in water activity, have the habit that the top that contend for water sheds, the river crab with mature sex has the nature with creeping downstream again. Accordingly, can turn on the water into water, mouth giving water in water inlet, be in into, mouth giving water finds a place for respectively crab basket, can catch.

(5) does   of pool catching law
Namely catchment does a poll, river crab all assemble at the pool water transport before outfall (deep pool) in, usable hand brail is scooped up in groove catch. But this law is caught not easily, can be in nightly lure crab to catch with lamplight quadrilateral in the pond, the pool below last person uses a hand to catch.

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