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Crab breed aquatics - how to carry young crab?
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Young crab is carried must master microtherm (10 ℃ of 5 ~ ) , aerate, moisture and prevent young crab activity 4 technologies are crucial. Specific means is will wait for the crab that carries young crab is put in bamboo to make up first basket inside (may inside sealed pot) , in park river or laky small running water, via 4 ~ 6 hours of condole are raised, after waiting for sky of platoon of excrement and urine of its bowel path, put young crab soaked cattail bag again inside, crab is carried on the back up, general every cattail bag installs young crab 15 kilograms or so, plunge into next close, put volume can carry inside same bamboo basket. In air temperature 10 ℃ fortune is defeated by 5 ~ , should maintain only aerate, damp environment, 24 hours need not open a bag to examine, carriage survival rate all amounts to 95 % above.

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