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Curium without social effects of pollution the carriage technology along green c
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Summer is carried cent is carried for bamboo a bamboo basket and can add glacial case to carry.

    1. Bamboo a bamboo basket is carried

Bind with salt water grass curium after predestined relationship green crab, put into bamboo a bamboo basket to build, connect a bamboo basket one case again dip is counted in pure and fresh seawater minute, let curium along blueness crab is spat mix suck new. In carriage road, to prevent insolation drench, divide early, medium, late aspersion 3 times everyday, in order to maintain wet. Had better asperse with seawater, also can use brine or fresh water, can maintain 4 ~ 5 days not to die so. Curium to raise burning hot summer to carry the survival rate along green crab, can filling center of crab bamboo a bamboo basket erect the empty canister that a bamboo basket of a bamboo makes up. Canister and bamboo a bamboo basket tall, canister wall stays have a lot of opening, in order to is ventilated breathe freely. Outfit when putting, side with crab mouth hollow canister and basket edge, the keep between each a bamboo basket is interstitial when assembling a car, not too extruding. Carry crab car had better be in nightly travel, day break reachs destination.

    2. The case that add ice is carried

When a large number of results, but in the cold water that vivid crab immerge 10 ℃ control, made action is slow, use elastic respectively again its chela is sufficient bind rise, use case of fill of wet wood chip, in order to keeps wet with heat preservation, can add glacial case line-haul so.
     winter is bound with straw curium after predestined relationship green crab, reoccupy bamboo a bamboo basket or model material or blank bin ship. In cold winter, straw heat preservation should be spread all round bamboo a bamboo basket, prevent cold wind air conditioning to invade, and crab mouth should face towards among a bamboo basket, outfit hind builds gunny-bag. Travel of days of car criterion appropriate, every are early, late when carrying aspersion, in order to keep wet, curium along blueness crab can survive 6 ~ 7 days. When the material or blank bin that use model ships, answer to will curium along blueness crab uses Xiaopu to include minute of costume first, sea leach is wet, in loading 5 model material or blank bin that bring aperture next. In road everyday aspersion 2. This law carries 4 ~ 5 days in, curium along blueness crab won't die.

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