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The attention when buying crab young plant differentiates seedling of 7 kinds of
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     winter spring during, be the crucial opportunity that farmer buys crab seedling to plant. When buying crab young plant, should notice to differentiate following seedling of 7 kinds of crab plants:

     1. The crab seedling that is not water system of the Yangtse River is planted unfavorable buy. If move to breed in water system of the Yangtse River,seedling of crab of distant, short for Zhejiang Province, Fujian is planted, its grow as a result slow, early phenomenon is apparent, individual slant small, death is serious, time catch rate is low. This kind of seedling is planted form and structure is similar circumference () of garden of Tuo of crab of the Yangtse River, ash of color back armour is yellow, abdominal grey Huang Ju has brass scale quality () of silvery white of crab of the Yangtse River, frontal tine is lesser Ju Dun.

     2. Should not be without the crab seedling of complete desalt buy. Should buy desalt time longer (5 days of above) , the crab young animal that treats through dropping in temperature.   is divided outside enquiring carefully to grow seedlings unit, usable still and following method will judge: The Miao Za with good desalt pledges and did not die the seedling is more; Color is not palm Brown, clip has white; Hold crab seedling  3 with finger after ~ is put down 5 seconds, the activity freelies not quite, creeping and faint or appear " play dead " .

     3. Early crab seedling is planted unfavorable buy. Although some crab are small (some has 25 to overcome) only, but sexual gland is already mature, permeate inside body pressure elevatory, cannot get used to fresh water environment, till hind of beginning of spring is met when carapace of first time exuviate gradually gone. This kind of crab carries housing on the back to show blackish green scene, sufficient nap of male crab chela is thick long develop, chela sufficient energetic of sufficient, pace is strong, female crab navel becomes elliptic, there is small black hair all around.

     4. Seedling of small old crab is planted unfavorable buy. Some places call small old crab again " lazy small crab " , " deadlocked crab " , already grew in fresh water 2 Qiu Ling, because some kind of reason fails to be brought up, later be brought up very hard also. Run-of-mill gland is mature already. Back armour is so paly, abdomen all around hairiness. Summertime easy death, time catch rate is very low.

     5. Seedling of salt water crab is planted unfavorable buy. This kind of crab is brought up in the seaside. Its appearance and authentic crab are planted without clear distinction, but if put salt water crab the period of time in fresh water, criterion some death, some crawl are faint, quality of some criterion style is changed.  

     6. Seedling of crab of ill, incomplete is unfavorable buy. Ill crab is limply, the start is slow, the bubble in the mouth after be being taken out again into water is not much, abdomen has small white spot sometimes, incomplete crab is short of limb little sufficient, or have other loss. Crab of ill, incomplete raises management not easily. The river crab that break limb although can second birth is new sufficient, but commodity class drops.
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