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The attention when buying crab young plant differentiates seedling of 7 kinds of
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     7. Seedling of crab of bend of family name grain is unfavorable buy. Edge river is taken littoral call iron crab, amphibious crab to wait again. In fresh water river more, long not quite (the biggest 50 grams) , quality is poor. Because of its the young appearance and crab of chela of China cloth with soft nap are exactly like, so constant somebody is caught come mix the false with the genuine. Notice slightly, discover not hard: Crab of bend of family name grain bears Party A look, the condition is sufficient have hair of short fine fleece, colour and lustre is weaker.

       simple and easy identifying the Yangtse River is crab of chela of China cloth with soft nap and other crab seedling is simple and easy identify: After putting young plant of a few crab into old vessel, crab of chela of China cloth with soft nap is after formicate is a short while, meet slowly quiet to come down, but the sort of crab young plant that can not select can continue irritating. If discover this phenomenon, breed door was about to identify carefully.

      is broad crab farming is planted in seedling of crab of choose and buy when, should add more differentiate, keep one's eyes peeled, cause the pecuniary loss that redeems hard in case.

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