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Fingerling empty pool breeds crab of freshwater shrimp Yo to plant
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Be planted from the fish and arrive after pond live through the winter second year May, freshwater shrimp breeds in the pond, will breed after the middle ten days of a month in May buckle crab or fingerling, can raise surface utilization rate, every mus produce freshwater shrimp 28 kilograms, norms 160 ~ 200 / kilogram buckle crab 9000.
The pond prepares pond mouth to ask irrigation and drainage is convenient, free from contamination, area 2 ~ 5 mus, slope compares 1 ∶ 3 ~ 4, silty thick do not exceed 10 centimeters. Wen Jiang of the water at the beginning of the winter arrives after 8 ℃ , the fish is planted and pond live through the winter, the Yu Chiqing silt that comes down to vacating instantly makes a pool, eradicate pool edge fireweed. Disinfect to the pond with croton next. Every mus use croton 5 ~ 7.5 kilograms, the outfit after wear is burnt enters jar, add white spirit 100 grams or salt 0.75 kilograms, sealed 3 ~ 4 days. Pool bottom takes water 10 centimeters or so, dilute of croton medicine fluid, take even broken bits douse of juice total pool. The 10 ~ after disinfection 15 days, every mus apply the organic fertilizer such as barnyard manure, compost, mixture compost 300 kilograms; The area is cultivated not to exceed the heavy water plant of 30 % inside the pool, provide perch room for freshwater shrimp; Affusion 1.5 meters deep, mouth of water of pass in and out filters with 40 eye net, lest enemy kill biology to take a poll.
Shrimp seedling puts in a suitable place to breed is to put shrimp on the seedling directly. Put in in those days the norms with 8 progenitive September ~ is 2 ~ 3 centimeters freshwater shrimp seedling, requirement norms is orderly, do not have without disease, style quality is transparent luster. Put in a quantity to be every mus of 10 thousand ~ 15 thousand end. 2 it is to put in a suitable place to breed hold egg in the arms to kiss shrimp. Choose 3.5 centimeters hold egg in the arms to kiss shrimp, every mus put in a suitable place to breed 5 ~ 7.5 kilograms, wintry spring aggrandizement is bred, water is warm the let it have its swing after amounting to 18 ℃ grows progenitive.
Raise management pool of every mus of shrimp puts period of live through the winter on aquatic 150 ~ 200 kilograms or willow root 25 kilograms, the seedling that it is shrimp provides environment of favorable heat preservation live through the winter. At ordinary times choose sunshine a few feeding feed, 7 ~ join every other 10 days feed, every time every mus are cast feed the feed such as soya-bean cake, rice bran, barley flour (make round record) 1 ~ 2 kilograms. Encounter icebound snow weather, sweep deice area snow instantly and burrow adds oxygen.
Water of beginning of spring is warm after rising to 14 ℃ , begin to be fed normally feed. Everyday or tertian cast feed, afternoon 5 ~ at 6 o'clock, along Chi Bian shallow water place scatters feed, feed appetite to be the 3 % of 2 % ~ in pool shrimp gross every time. See weather, water quality and shrimp eat feed a circumstance to master neatly, timely adjust, make shrimp satiate. Cast fed feed to had better make grain record, animal sex feed occupies 30 % , plant sex feed occupies 60 % , pink of carapace of bone dust, crab occupies 9.5 % , the additive such as exuviate element, microelement occupies 0.5 % . Water is warm after rising to 20 ℃ , every other changes water one week, change water 1/3 every time, pool water diaphaneity maintains in 40 centimeters of above. Chi Shui is too weak should reasonable fill apply barnyard manure. Hold to everyday pond of before dawn make one's rounds, take strict precautions against float head dead shrimp. From March the bottom begins every other half month uses bleaching powder (1.5ppm) total pool douse, the Terramycin of 0.5 ‰ is added in feed.
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