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Fingerling empty pool breeds crab of freshwater shrimp Yo to plant
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Freshwater shrimp of the breeding that vacate a pond passes 5 ~ 6 lunar breed aquatics, go up to May year of young shrimp that put in is long already to 4 ~ 5 centimeters, can appear on the market sell. The pond mouth that vacates puts in a suitable place to breed every mus 5 period 10 thousand ~ has young crab 15 thousand times buckle crab to breed. Put in a suitable place to breed the pond mouth that holds egg in the arms to kiss shrimp, the middle ten days of a month will use brail in May 3 ~ 5 centimeters prawn is caught entirely case, appear on the market sell, 1 ~ 1.5 centimeters young shrimp is raised June the middle ten days of a month or the last ten-day of a month, mix again raise Xia Hua, every mus put in a suitable place to breed silver carp 5000 end, variegated carp 1000 end.   

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