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Crab of chela of Gepu cloth with soft nap is artificial breed and grow seedlings
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Crab of chela of Gepu cloth with soft nap (Eriocheir  hepuensis  Dai  1994) it is the large edible crab that originates in Guangxi formerly, grow rapid, the flesh is qualitative delicious, it is to greatly those who expand latent capacity breed new breed.
Factory of crab of chela of      Gepu cloth with soft nap changes the pull current Cheng of grow seedlings to be: Kiss crab choosing to stay, education kissing crab, copulatory lay eggs, the crab that hatch egg is fostered, hatch, flea shape the young is bred, the young of large small hole is bred and 7 link such as desalt.
     kisses crab choosing to leave a standard to be: The constitution is hale, appendage is complete, body watch does not have parasitism content. Female crab abdomen enclothed whole abdomen wide, nap of week predestined relationship develops; Male crab chela is sufficient thick shape, the nap on chela develops, weight 80g above. Chosen close crab can put in plastic of short duration of big canopy pool is raised, send the material that feed bait everyday, can cast flesh of the shrimp that feed a fish, snail, cereal, aquatic to reach cooperate grain shrimp makings to wait. Before grow seedlings 20, the close crab with 30 days of good maturity that choose a sex puts heat preservation on the pool. Comparing of male and female: 2: 1, put in a suitable place to breed density 2, 3 / rice, salinity 14, 25 ‰ , continuously 7, 10 days of female crab begin to hatch egg, the close crab that hatchs egg but immigrant additional Chi Pei is raised, of the others stay continue copulatory lay eggs.
     holds egg crab in the arms to be able to be passed accuse lukewarm adjustment embryonic growth rate, water of general winter nature is warm emerge of about 30 days of hatch, water is warm 20, when 25 ℃ 15 days or so but hatch emerge, should notice during uninterrupted fill oxygen, water is warm maintain 18, 26 ℃ , salinity 14, 25 ‰ . If send,begin to cast the following day now feed one-celled algae. Shape the young breeds flea to need commonly 9, 16 days, it is the segment with the largest difficulty in whole and progenitive process, especially IV period mortality is highest, the measure that prevent disease can change water everyday 1, 2, change water 1/3 every time to 1/2, change Terramycin of 1ppm of the discharge after water. Optimal bait makings is one-celled alga and good year bug the young that do not have a section. Through 9, 16 days breed development of flea shape the young to be the young big, bait expects with good year bug is given priority to, add the egg that feed evaporate appropriately, change water everyday, the 3rd day begins to change fresh water with reducing salinity gradually. 2, after 3 days complete desalt.

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