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Curium along green crab the preparation of completely artificial grow seedlings
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1. Grow seedlings establishment prepares

Use at curiuming along green crab the grow seedlings establishment of artificial grow seedlings has pool of grow seedlings room, grow seedlings, close crab to breed pool, bait to expect to foster room, water supply, air feed, add lukewarm, water analysis, biology to monitor room, adherent implement etc.
     (1) grow seedlings room
Room of training of material of grow seedlings pool, bait, water supply, aerate, add lukewarm, water analysis and biology to monitor the establishment such as the room. Breed a pool with 20 ~ 30 stere water system are beautiful.
     (2) adhere to implement
Can use scallop breed aquatics basket, the shellfish of the work out such as the rope that use palm adheres to implement, also can use green the penniform artificial seaweed that plastic wire weaves for material, 1.8 meters or so long. The young is bred in usable still net piece make the net that prevent damage, net piece wait for net of 20 purposes screen window or bolting silk net commonly, long general 1 meter, length can suit with the size photograph of grow seedlings pool, general 1 ~ 4 meters, put in an amount but according to size of density of the young inside grow seedlings pool increase and decrease, the net preventing damage that 0.5 ~ L puts on square metre in every cubic water system commonly piece, put time on best arrangement in the young of large small hole be about to before allergy.

    2. Close crab breeds the preparation of the pool

     breeds Chi Ke to be cement pool, also can be earthy pool, use cement pool commonly, indoors or outdoor all but. In production indoor also can use pool of prawn grow seedlings, the result is favorable. The pond outdoor, must have prevent rain and shading establishment. Fine sand of pond bottom laid 8 ~ 10 centimeters, use had immersed one day the brick of above, stone build " crab house " reside in order to offer close crab conceal, join shading establishment in Chi Ding when necessary. The wall of earthy pool is become for stone build by laying bricks or stones or concrete build by laying bricks or stones is become, the bottom is Sha Ni or Shi Li character, silty or humus must little. The to gate gradient end the pool is bigger, water of facilitating platoon, fill, can show try a beach for nothing, can use fluctuate tide to change water.
The close crab with miniature      is fostered, the water jar that can be 1 stere of 0.5 ~ with water capacity, cask or plastic bucket, bar of upper cover block or stock cap, with windbreak rain or burning sun illuminate, bottom also spreads fine sand.
Before      kisses crab to enter a pool, build cement pool to want affusion to immerse ability of above of a month is used; Old pool should wash bottom of Chi Bi, pool first clean down, undertake alexipharmic with medicaments. Use effective chloric content commonly the bleaching powder of 35 % of 30 % ~ 100 grams of 50 ~ / stere water system immerses 1 hour, rinse clean with clean seawater next.
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