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Curium predestined relationship green crab is artificial grow seedlings technolo
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Curium along green crab common weighs green crab, belong to program of arthropod door, test, very order, swimming crab division, green crab. Its breed season is in 3 ~ in October.

    1. Close crab is bred

Choice germen is plump, appendage is all ready, the female crab with strong vigor is made close this. With 10 ~ the cement pool of 20 stere or small-sized earth pool are breed a pool. It is bait makings with siphon-worm of fresh clam, pane or miscellaneous fish shrimp, day casts the 10 % that feed a quantity to be crab weight. In water lukewarm 28 ℃ of 24 ~ , salinity 26 ‰ of 19 ‰ ~ , day changes water to measure the condition that is 80 % to fall, via 10 ~ 20 days are bred, majority female crab hatchs egg. The crab that hatch egg is bred 12 days via 10 ~ again, embryonic surface color turns into by yellow palm black, heartbeat of the young inside caul of lens check embryo is in minutely 150 above, bodeful the young is about to cut film and go out. Will hold egg crab in the arms right now immigrant hatch pool.

    2. The young hatch

     is 1 stere with cubage or the cement pool of 2 stere or chamfer of vitreous molten steel are hatch pool. After be being handled via disinfection, join filter seawater, the chlorella with a certain quantity of at the same time investment or flat alga and the rotifer that measure certainly. Immigrant after waiting for brooding close crab, slowly aerate. Of immigrant pool the following day in the morning 6 ~ at 8 o'clock can hatch the young.

    3. The young is bred

     uses the cement pool of 30 stere of 20 ~ or large cistern to breed a pool as the young. After the young hatch, stop to aerate 20 minutes, the young with weak vigor sinks pool bottom, single out Chi Shui the young with superstratum strong vigor is immigrant breed a pool. Breed density to be every stere 40 thousand end of 2 ~ . Green crab the young defeats film to come out to be flea shape the young, should pass 6 period development allergy just turns a young into crab. Before 5 period the young of the shape that it is flea period, the 6th period it is the young big, it is young crab by allergy of carapace of exuviate of the young of large small hole. The whole process that the young breeds, the value of appropriate limits PH of environmental factor is in 7.8 ~ 8.4 between, salinity is 20 ‰ ~ 26 ‰ , water is warm it is between 30 ℃ of 24 ~ . Each factor wants relative stability, an any sharp change can cause the young to die. Fill the adjustment of tolerance, in flea shape the young I period comes IV period aerates to lose; V of flea shape the young period strengthen a bit; Crab period is the young of large small hole and young strong aerate. During breeding each period the quantity changing water of the young pool reachs the mesh that change water to be flea shape the young I period comes II period is daily add water, its measure the 20 % that measure for total water; V of ~ of III of flea shape the young period daily change water 40 % of 30 % ~ , the mesh that change water is 80 eye, day of big the young period changes water to measure 50 % ~ 60 % , use mesh is 40 eye, period day changes young crab water quantity is 60 % ~ 70 % , use mesh is 18 eye.
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