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Curium a pool along crab of green crab childish, computation and carry
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Before childish crab gives a pool, need to breed childish crab water lukewarm reduce gradually to room temperature, will adhere to first base the childish crab that go up puts forward to be put into cistern, use siphon drain off water next, the water that wait for a pool remnant 30 ~ 40 centimeters when, crab the osculum end Miao Youchi puts collect seedling case. Crab seedling computation uses weight method commonly.

The carriage of crab seedling has the following two kinds of methods: It is to use canvas bucket or polybag to carry. Seedling of canvas bucket outfit is planted amount 2 kilogram of 1 ~ / stere water, polybag (30 centimeters of × 60 centimeters) install 0.1 ~ 0.2 kilogram. To prevent to carry young plant of the crab in road mutual incomplete is fed, can install inside carriage container adherent base. 2 it is to use a large bamboo or wicker basket or crab seedling case (wooden case) carry. A wet water and grass is spread in bottom, place a crab, again clothe a wet water and grass, make young crab is not sent touch. Do not overlap too much, on final lid cloth of screen window of strong draw a frame round, drench in facilitating road seawater, carry survival rate in order to rise.

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