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The development of the young that curiums predestined relationship green crab br
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Curium along green crab embryo the young of firm hatch calls 溞 shape the young (with " Z " express) . 溞 shape the young period need cost off a skin 5 times, cent 5 period, unwell or ambient conditions is inadequacy of bait makings quantity, qualitative there also is not delay circumstance to happen when beautiful, next, development becomes the young big (with " M " express) . First phase of the young of large small hole, the skin turns exuviate into young crab. Finish development of whole the young to need altogether exuvial allergy 6. In water lukewarm when 29 ℃ of 26 ~ , need 23 ~ 24 days about development becomes young crab.

    1. 溞 shape the young

The young of firm hatch is very small, its look like water 溞 , friend calls 溞 shape the young. Its body shows a triangle slightly, divide cephalothorax and abdomen. Cephalothorax provides frontal thorn, back thorn each one, longer; Side thorn 1 pair shorter. Abdomen provides spine each. Mouthparts and enteron appear, begin to photograph feed, the tailing edge thorn of tail section has auxiliary photograph the function that feed. Battalion is pelagian the life, provide strong phototaxis, happy event collect the place with Yu Guang stronger line. Bristle is a condition with sufficient jaw main pelagian organ, the spine thorn of cephalothorax also has enhance pelagian action. A shape bristle amount with full jaw as the young development grow in quantity. But basis the first, 2 jaw are sufficient outside limb endmost feather the feature such as shape bristle number will differentiate the young of each period 溞 shape.

    2. The young of large small hole
The young of large small hole by Ⅴ cost off a skin of the young of period 溞 shape is abnormal and come, also say for " crab seedling " . Be born at very long eyestalk fag end because of be being worn to compound eye firstly, show outer and get a name.
     is big the young divides cephalothorax and abdomen, body is shown flaxen or pink and transparent. Body back abdomen is flatter, the appearance begins approximate adult, alone its abdomen had be notted bend stick subjacent. Its make an appointment with 3.55 millimeter endlong, head cuirass grows 2.1 millimeter, head cuirass is wide 1.75 millimeter, the abdomen grows 1.53 millimeter. Cephalothorax back thorn and side thorn already all degraded disappear, cephalothorax tailing edge spins assume large part 1 pair. Eyestalk is stretchy. Antenna 2 pairs namely the first, 2 antenna. Mouthparts development already hasten is perfect, by 1 pair of big jaw, 2 pairs maxillary with 3 pairs of gnathic sufficient composition. Frontal thorn is acerb, long short at the first antenna at the 2nd antenna. 5 pairs of conditions are sufficient develop and provide bristle, its construction and adult are very similar also, also by bottom section, base pitch, 7 composition such as section, long red-letter day, wrist section, control division, knuckle. Section of toe of the first pace submits clamp form, say chela is sufficient, comfortable at preying; The 2nd submit ungual form to section of toe of the 4th pair of paces, for creeping main organ; Section of toe of the 5th pair of paces is flatter, but have not provide natant function.
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