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1. Cast bait

Bait makings wants diversification, had better use fish of low cost small shellfish, Nereid, small impurities, shrimp, crab to wait fresh bait makings, and a variety of use alternately, cast bait 1 times towards evening everyday or morning and evening each 1. Join morning of day of the in proper order that feed a volume somewhat a few the rest are advisable.

    2. Water quality management

Water quality wants fresh, clean without contamination, water is warm with 26 ~ 31 ℃ are advisable, water is warm photograph under 20 ℃ feed decrease, ovarian growth is very slow. Salinity with 25 ‰ ~ 32 ‰ are advisable, salinity under 22 ‰ , female crab is ovarian development will be restrained. Still answer to develop energy of life adequately in breeding a process, make water middleman and guarantor holds enough oxygen. Often change water, change water quantity to be 50 % ~ everyday 100 % , change water to undertake in the morning commonly, difference in temperature does not exceed 1 ℃ , keep clear of thoroughly in time before today odd incomplete entices, lest corrupt and influence water quality. Conditional place, but annulus the pool is raised, or 2 ~ are pool of 3 extremely big Qing Dynasty, big change water, the effect will be much better.

    3. During close crab is bred, except throw water of good bait, mix up besides, still should have done the following works:

During      is fostered, illumination shoulds not be too strong, can adhere to on crab body otherwise a lot of biology, affect sexual gland growth. Accordingly, breed in close crab period want shading to raise.
     close crab lays eggs appropriate maintains quiet environment, hale female crab majority is in nightly lay eggs. Be like by day or the crab that lays eggs towards evening is unusual egg, ovum cannot adhere is on celiac limb bristle, adherent perhaps quantity is very few, without what value. The crab constitution after laying eggs is weak, want to strengthen bait makings, water quality management, can cause death easily otherwise.
2 ~ use      every other 3 days potassium permanganate or formalin fluid are disinfected, get together shrink bug is added 10 grams can be used when be born / the formaldehyde dipping of stere water system is controlled 5 minutes or the Xin Jie Er of 0.1 % of 0.05 % ~ destroys (former fluid chroma is 5 % ) briny diluent, immerse disinfect 1 hour.
     is returned everyday should the condition of microscope close crab. To holding the close crab of egg in the arms, if hair is existing,hold egg crab in the arms to want seasonable fish out only pool education. And the color that often should observe egg to holding egg crab in the arms changes, so that make the preparation of good hatch. The egg diameter that just laid eggs is 0.365 millimeter. The color change process of egg is: Black of black → of palm of → of gray of grayish → of buff → of orange yellow → or grey black.
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