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Curium along green crab lay eggs with hatch egg
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1. Lay eggs with hatch egg

Female crab is to be in commonly nightly 22 Shi Zhiling morning 4 when between lay eggs, the time that lays eggs is a hour about. When laying eggs, female crab is commonly used the condition is sufficient open body human body, celiac hilum has rhythm land an one fan that shut the ground, right now, the ovum that curiums predestined relationship blueness matures inside crab body, classics oviduct undertakes be fertilized to accept seminal vesicle and spermatozoon union, next from body of reproductive aperture eduction outside, mostly adhere is on the bristle of celiac limb, also can partial ovum scatters into water. The ovum of every be fertilized, have two egg film, lining is yolk film, outer the sub egg film that forms by the colloid mucus bursa of ovarian fluid to wrap periphery of be fertilized film, because contain stickiness, accordingly can adhere go up at the bristle of celiac limb. Use the activity with celiac hilum as a result of the heavy master piece of egg bead again, adhere is spun to form egg handle by outside force in the film outside the egg on bristle, the egg that causes bristle to go up group the grape that resembles a lot of length stringing together. Oosperm adhere suffers mother crab to protect on bristle, till till hatch the young, at this moment mother crab calls the crab that hatch egg, or say " blossom 蟳 " .

    2. Lay eggs frequency and bosom egg quantity

Copulatory already the female crab that pass, its lay eggs frequency and habitat area and curium the quality along green crab itself (lose size, by force) and lay eggs wait sooner or later about. As long as the condition is appropriate, female crab can lay eggs for many times. The female crab in natural sea area, majority lays eggs only (hatch egg) ; But individual big and inchoate lay eggs, lay eggs in first time after hatch, can have 2 times to lay eggs. Lay eggs as to the 2nd the spermatozoon that be fertilized place needs, copulatory when the reserve capacity of the spermatozoon inside accept seminal vesicle can be used for laying eggs for many times.
     holds egg in the arms to count is the amount of the ovum that adheres to on bristle of limb of abdomen of crab pointing to a mother. Its are measured than laying eggs (the ovum that mother crab yields from reproductive aperture place is counted) should get less much, the egg that yields because of place won't be entire adhere go up at celiac limb bristle, among them because of a variety of reasons be lost dropped many measures.
The bosom egg of      female crab measures because of the ground different. The environmental element such as the climate of each district, sea condition is different, the quantity that conceive egg somewhat difference. More important is, below normal circumstance, the quantity conceiving egg of female crab and individual bulk involve into positive. Curium along the highest bosom of green crab egg quantity is 4 million. The weight that curiums along green crab place hatchs egg commonly is the 18 % of weight, the egg bead measure that weighs 1 gram ovum has 40 thousand about.
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