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Curium the male and female along green crab differentiates a technology
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To curiuming the male and female along green crab but from the following 5 respects undertake differentiating:

    1. The appearance of celiac hilum

Body length 1 centimeter, body is 1.5 centimeters wide when above, hilum of female crab abdomen begins bounty, show intimate circle slightly; Hilum of male crab abdomen is long and narrow, show a triangle.

    2. Celiac limb

Celiac limb is worn be born within celiac hilum, female crab has limb of 4 pairs of abdomens, there is bristle on limb; Male has limb of 2 pairs of abdomens only, bristle is not had on limb.

    3. Chela is sufficient

Female crab chela is sufficient more smallish, male crab chela is sufficient long and clement.

    4. Back armour

Female crab carries armour intimate circle on the back, armour of male crab back is close elliptic.

    5. Body length and weight

Carapace of general hero crab is longer than female crab. Before progenitive season, of same size curium predestined relationship green crab, general hero crab is heavier than female crab.

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