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The outside ambient that curiums along blueness crab lays eggs
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Via copulatory female crab, inside be fertilized bursa the stimulation of spermatozoon falls, ovarian the reproductive cell germinate inside, ovarian and rapid increase, if bait stuff is enough, ambient conditions suits, the condition that breeds artificially in the pond issues 30 ~ 40 days ovarian OK development is mature, make predestined relationship of the side before build cuirass and head cuirass, till abdomen is anal,the space around all is ovarian place occupational. If outside ambient suits, can lay eggs.

The environmental factor that      has immediate effect to curiuming along blueness crab lays eggs basically has temperature, salinity, tide, background qualitative, water quality.

    1. Water is warm

Annual 3 ~ in April, when water lukewarm when rising to 18 ℃ , have curium along blueness crab begins to lay eggs. According to determining, curium along blueness crab lays eggs, the normal water Wen Wei of be fertilized, hatch 18 ~ 31 ℃ , 26 ℃ control Wen Wei of the most comfortable water. In water lukewarm wait for adverse ambient conditions to fall under 15 ℃ , exasperate water quality, although female crab lays eggs, but cannot on wool of normal adhere Yu Gang, all or greater part is dispersive in falling into water, cause " abortion " .

    2. Salinity

The water system salinity that curiums along blueness crab lays eggs, the requirement is in 20 ‰ above, the most comfortable salinity is 28 ‰ ~ 32 ‰ . Be like salinity under 20 ‰ , female crab is met " abortion " or cannot lay eggs.

    3. Tide

According to experiment observation, make another when natural sea area curiums along blueness crab lays eggs main factor, it is the stimulation of tide. Between spring tide flood season, the maturity that carries at low ebb habitat curiums along green crab ability lays eggs. Luo Yuanyu (1986) the female crab that raises a condition to fall artificially in the light of the lab lays eggs not easily, and use dew to stimulate it for nothing, everyday dew is controlled 1 hour for nothing, again fill water arouses wave to replace current wave, the result makes female crab successfully lay eggs be fertilized. And comparative experiment reachs, ovarian without 2 when show empty stimulation very plump female crab, put in a suitable place to breed inside Yu Chi, use constant running water, maintain water quality fresh. After a few days, these two female crab die because of difficult labor.

    4. The base is quality

Natural sea area curiums along blueness crab lays eggs field is general it is silt or Sha Ni qualitative. Feng Xing money think the basis curiums along blueness crab lays eggs the requirement of characteristics, namely when mother crab lays eggs, be originate in ovum the ground to go up first, next ability general oosperm is progressively adhere go up at celiac limb bristle, laying eggs and in the process of adhere, discovery has partial oosperm already by embedded silt medium and cannot adhere comes up to bristle, its adhere rate has 35 % ~ only commonly 50 % , if change to lay eggs in cement pool, adhere rate can amount to 95 % above. Accordingly, the influence curiums along blueness crab lays eggs the base that adhere leads is quality, pledge with cement bottom optimal, sandiness take second place, mud is qualitative the poorest. But, basis in last few years production, pond of sanded of cement pool bottom, the case hatching egg of close crab is good; The close crab that breeds by cement pool cannot hatch egg very well.
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