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Curium the embryonic development along green crab
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Curium the embryonic growth along green crab has inside egg film. The oosperm outside firm eduction body is yellow, yolk is rich, egg surface is smooth and clear, bioplasm is even. Outside oosperm eduction body hind 16 hours of or so ability begin egg to crack. 2, 4 cells period crack for helix egg, and the disrupt channel that can see clarity. Egg of embryonic tendency surface is cracked after 64 cells, the embryo after 256 cells enters bursa embryo period and primitive gut period. Defect of less than of primitive gut period is given priority to, the Bao Weifu outside be being mixed centrally forms primitive gut. Then enters pigment of 7 pairs of 5 pairs of appendage period, appendage period, compound eye to form period, prepare hatch period. Curium along green crab embryo development reachs configuration feature in installment:

     egg is cracked period
Helix egg is cracked, egg cracks a ball 2 ~ 256, egg of surface of 24 hours of tendency cracks hatch. Egg diameter all is worth for 291.04 micron.

     bursa embryo period
Egg is cracked enter exterior egg to crack, embryo enters bursa embryo period, egg cracks ball surface to be arranged thick and fast, cellular number is incomputable already. Grain of the yolk inside the cell moves gradually afferent end of the cell, form yolk awl, next, the cell undertakes tangent egg is cracked, inward cent gives yolk cell, stay outside the cell becomes cell of bursa germinal layer. Egg diameter 291.52 millimeter.

     primitive gut period
Less than defect is given priority to, the Bao Weifu outside be being mixed centrally forms primitive gut. Inspect abdomen of leaf, bosom to fold, line of two big jaw, big antenna, opening and mouthparts are formed in succession. Appear in a side of egg the transparent area of one very small loom, the part is narrower among transparent area small, egg diameter increases apparently, make an appointment with 308.72 micron.

     does not have a the young period
Hatch 6 days, a pair of antennule former base form, two pairs of antenna and big gnathic inside form the ganglion that answers relatively, end is forked former base appear, back implement release secretion, make embryo and old case separate, whole embryo shortens, undertake cost off a skin. Colorless and transparent area occupies the 1/5 left and right sides of egg area about. The embryo glue that shows a circle slightly it is thus clear that in the clarity inside transparent area is added base cheeper radical, egg diameter is 307.12 micron.

     5 pairs of appendage period
8 days, the first, 2 maxillary form, fork of antennule, end grows, back implement narrow gradually disappear. Colorless and transparent area expands into new moon form to occupy the 1/4 left and right sides of egg area about, appendage cheeper base spin, yolk area is standing by colour and lustre of share of colorless and transparent division to begin to become weak, loom yolk piece. Egg diameter is 311.68 micron.
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