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Curium along green crab copulatory
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Curiuming predestined relationship blueness wants in crab lifetime via 13 exuviate carapace, among them carapace of the last exuviate is reproductive exuviate carapace, copulatory behavior finishs carapace of the last exuviate in female crab namely after 1 hour controls those who begin to undertake.

     generally speaking, curium in its along green crab carapace grows 6 centimeters, 8 centimeters wide, weight when 150 grams above but copulatory.

The female crab that      amounts to a gender to mature has male to accompany immediately to pursue end phenomenon namely before the carapace that face exuviate, and pursue the action that the male crab with successful end has cuddle female crab to wander everywhere, behavior of this kind of cuddle, short criterion 1 day, grow a 4 ~ 5 days. Wait for female crab will when exuviate carapace, male crab takes female crab a safe concealed to avoid place, as detached as female crab, guard it is all round female crab. See carapace of female crab exuviate ends, spend a hour about, before female crab new case still does not have sclerosis, take copulatory action to female crab.

All behavior with copulatory      are arranged actively by male crab. Male crab assists female crab to reverse face about put oneself in another's position above all, those who make make supine gesture, immediately is mounted, the abdomen that lets oneself the n to female crab, with female crab of sufficient hug of 3 pairs of paces. Right now, female crab very naturally opens abdomen, expose the opening of one opposite breed that gives sternum to go up, and male crab also takes advantage of a favorable situation open celiac hilum, make its extreme is propped up in inside of coxal of hilum of female crab abdomen, the celiac hilum that forces female crab cannot close, will have sex next implement undertake losing essence of life inside the reproductive aperture that inserts female crab. Its seminal fluid rises in the keep in storage inside the two accept seminal vesicle of female crab, when next produces per year egg, just be released in order to wait for insemination.

     is copulatory initial time is to be in commonly nightly, by day but proceed. In water lukewarm 21 ℃ of 18 ~ , salinity 7.4 ‰ of 6.7 ‰ ~ , dissolved oxygen 1.69 milliliter of 1.49 ~ / rise, the ambient conditions of 8.12 issues PH7.38 ~ , curium predestined relationship green crab can be successful copulatory. In spring tide flood, have head especially copulatory more. After encountering cold air, water is warm drop quickly when the nadir picks up gradually, can arouse curium along green crab copulatory desire. Curium along blueness crab is in copulatory during stop to photograph feed.

     copulatory duration, the shortest 9 ~ 24 hours, amount to 2 ~ longerly 3 days. Copulatory hind, male crab still is defending female crab period of time, in case enemy kill invade, till the carapace of female crab is complete sclerotic, male crab just leaves.
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